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I'm a striver and a zen spirit. I have a relentless desire to constantly improve and I know that perfection is already right here, in this very moment. This paradox fires me up.

Deep listening and a strong will are my most earnest natural gifts. Throughout my life, I tackled challenges complex and diverse, such as earning a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and mastering the violin. I have first-hand experience of the joys and sorrows of being a high achiever in everything I have done. Through real-life trials and errors, I have learned how to channel my drive in sustainable and regenerative ways, without ending up feeling drained and obsessed (I occasionally still do).


My personality is a flat-out Type 1 of the Enneagram and INFJ of the Myers-Briggs, which combined make me a natural coach and a personal development nerd. Every day I strive to grow on the path of loving who I am, evolving beyond my past conditioning and realizing the interdependence that binds us. Some people say I'm intense. I take ice baths every day,  I devour books, I savor the thrill of being onstage performing without script, and I love to challenge myself in many other ways. I have the simplest morning routine: get up before sunrise, do mindset training for 1 hour and then focus for 1-3 hours on the project with the highest added value, without interruptions. I hugely value being present in my body and I work out every day.

The reason why this is important

Thanks to this life journey, I can help you change your life. There is nothing, nothing that fires me up more than becoming absorbed in your story and figuring out together how you can access your deepest meaning and greatest impact. Again and again, the hopes my clients cherish and the pains they cope with are, or have been, my hopes and pains too. I earnestly can't wait to tackle them with you, and I know that working together will make a difference.

My credentials

My lived experience as a human being is what empowers me to work with you. But if you care about titles, I have a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience, five years of post-doc at McGill doing research on the neural mechanisms of learning, I have two masters, in psychology and organizational development, I'm a certified music therapist, a certified Yoga teacher, a certified Level 1 Brainspotting provider, I trained in Jon Kabat-Zinn's mindfulness-based stress reduction, theory U, Kaospilot, authentic relating, liberating structures and I hold a professional coaching certification with the International Coaching Federation (ACC level, ID #009475259I).

What else?

  • Check out the meditation music album I recorded with awesome duduk player Floris Van Vugt and the Kirtan album I recorded with the band Le Noble Chemin.

  • As much as healthy food choices are one of my pillars, I disproportionally enjoy an occasional poutine. Oh, and chocolate chips in my otherwise super-green smoothie.

  • Sometimes I love to be silly and lose control of my laughter

  • I am grateful to have a wonderful wife and two children whose presence has taken everything in my life to the next level.

  • I make a spectacular Italian pasta all'arrabbiata

  • I am mediocre at DIY house improvement, which I avoid as much as I can because I can't stand the feeling


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