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authentic relating

Practice vulnerability, honesty, and deep listening 

Event description

As part of the team of Authentic Montreal, I am delighted to regularly facilitate Authentic Games Night and sessions of Authentic Coaching. Practice vulnerability, honesty, and deep listening. Explore new ways of interacting and being with other people.

At Games Night you can expect opportunities to lean in to your edge in a social context and a safe environment. We have created relational games where you can find and explore the edge between "playing it safe" and showing up fully. The goal is to dissolve old patterns of behaviour that don't serve us, to connect more authentically, and to release ourselves from fear while honouring our self.

Authentic Coaching is Authentic Relating in service of your life’s call. Similarly to other authentic relating practices, we explore what it feels like to be our authentic self. We give ourselves permission to be in relationship with one another from a place of deep presence and truth. We intentionally bring curiosity rather than judgment or trying to fix. In addition to that, in Authentic Coaching you also bring a specific goal or project that is important to you. This could be a personal challenge, a professional goal, anything that matters to you and that you are willing to take action on.

Using a variety of Authentic Relating and coaching tools, we leverage the richness and diversity of perspectives in the group. Connecting with each other from a place of authenticity, we spark insights and explore new ways of thinking, feeling, acting and being with our challenges. We tap into a wisdom that is born out of interpersonal mindfulness, rather than simplistic advice. We expand each other’s horizons. We uncover limiting beliefs and blind spots that slows us down. We support and challenge each other in this process of discovery. We come out with concrete courses of action that help us move forward.

An Authentic Coaching session involves a small group of participants guided by an Authentic Relating facilitator who is a trained coach. A variety of formats are used in different sessions. Sometimes one person brings their case and everyone supports them. Other times multiple people or even everyone get to bring their case. Similarly to what happens in Circling, there is no guarantee that you will be directly coached on your topic. However, regardless of the scenario, the possibility for deep transformation is there for everyone. Whether we are coached, or we are offering coaching, or we are listening to other people coaching and being coached, we have a precious opportunity to feel and look into our lives. An opportunity to let what is happening sink in, interrogate us deeply and inspire our next move.

To ensure some familiarity with the Authentic Montreal agreements and approach, previous attendance to at least one Games Night is required to sign up for Authentic Coaching.

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