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I invite you to a first session where we can dive deep together and bring everything we've got to help you progress. This is not a "taster session", it's not a sales conversation, nor a theoretical explanation of what coaching is. It's full-on coaching, in service of your project. Most people experience substantial insights in this conversation, and I will block 90 min in case we need them.  I don't charge money for this. Doing so is a wonderful way for me to give back, and a very practical way for us to see if we are a fit for long term work.

If you want to first chat on the phone, if you have questions, or to book the first session, you can:

  • Email me on:  (I always reply within 24 hours) or

  • Call/ WhatsApp/ text on: +1-514-557-6731 (Please note, I don’t answer calls from withheld numbers)

Meetings can be arranged:

  • at my studio, located in the greenest area of the West Island of Montreal (see map below);

  • onsite, at your location;

  • via Skype or Zoom.

When possible, I prefer to see you in person.

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