public events

My public events are opportunities to explore the connection between mind, body, emotions and relationships. My approach is creative, embodied, experiential and thought-provoking. 

Highly accessible (in most cases by donation), these events offer the chance for a deep dive in the company of like minded people.

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The power of mind-body reframing

A hands-on, tactical and holistic 1-day bootcamp that will build your capacity and expand your toolbox when it comes to look at a situation from different perspectives.


An immersive experience of awakening

A 2-hr journey weaving together Yoga flow, deep breathing, guided meditation, personal reflection through journaling, ecstatic dance and deep relaxation


Music to connect deep within

Ancient and new melodies to land deep within, re-oxygenating  your body, heart and  spirit, ideal for meditative listening and collective chanting.  

Authentic Games

Practice vulnerability, honesty, and listening with plenty other people in a fun and playful setting. 

Authentic Coaching

Practice deep listening and powerful questioning in a small group in service of your life's call.

Purposeful Action


Speeding up your self-realization by slowing down for a weekend