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Many scientists fall into the trap of overworking and burning out at great cost to their careers, personal lives and ultimately for their organizations.  In an age where performance pressures surge, often to the detriment of progress, academics find themselves with little time to do research and even less time to explore core assets such as interpersonal and emotional intelligence, personal development and finding deep meaning in one’s work. Developing passion for our work can allow for creative, ground-breaking progress, improved personal lives and healthier, more efficient workplaces.

Distilling joy is an invigorating series of three-hour workshops aimed to bring the spirit of joy into the research workplace and beyond. Discover how the  workplace of researchers and graduate students in science, the social sciences, and engineering can be transformed using six specific habits of mind that help create more balanced, harmonious, and satisfying professional and personal lives, encouraging innovation, engagement and being more profoundly human.

  • Workshop 1: Curiosity and Vision

  • Workshop 2: Listening and Courage

  • Workshop 3: Compassion and Integrity


Using an empowering participatory methodology, these workshops ensure individuals have the time to work on their organizational contexts as well as a reflect on their own personal questions. The goal is to foster innovation, engagement and develop a healthy approach to one's research work. 

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The Distilling Joy series is offered in partnership with Joan Butterworth, the Leadership Training Facilitator for McGill Campus Life and Engagement services.

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