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INSIGHT co-evolution

Insight Co-Evolution is a series of co-development sessions to support a group of participants in tackling specific challenges or bringing forward strategic initiatives.

The topic for each session is defined in advance, and can cover any area of work among the Strategic Levers. Co-Evolution sessions are dynamic, dialogic and outcome-focused. While participants can come from any part of the organization, they already share a common language by virtue of having taken part in a previous offering of the Insight Program.

Participants share and discuss their managerial challenges, with their colleagues who play the role of consultant-coaches to explore possible solutions. An experienced facilitator guides the group conversations in order to clarify objectives, identify progress indicators, contribute new tools as appropriate, obtain individual commitment, respect thought diversity, and establish mechanisms for follow-up. The emphasis in on empowering cross-functional groups to bring forth sustainable and self-managed change initiatives.

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