INSIGHT journey

Insight Journey is a comprehensive, in-depth 12-week program that covers all the theoretical and tactical aspects of incorporating mindfulness into the everyday life of the modern workplace.

The program is designed as a journey, with each session building on the previous ones, for a cohort of maximum 15 participants that goes through the process together from beginning to end. The program tackles the  key areas of workplace effectiveness covered in Strategic Levers:

  • Planning and prioritization: How to craft an efficient plan with clear priorities at different time scales; how to manage multiple concurrent tasks avoiding the traps of multitasking and action addiction; how to handle emails and other sources of information overload.

  • Managing mental stress: Identifying the system-level sources of stress and how to mitigate them; learning to observe our mind and how to restructure our relationship with our own thoughts for maximum efficiency; how to recharge mental energy; how to turn potentially challenging situation into opportunities by leveraging mental reframing and mental preparation techniques.

  • Managing physical stress: Identifying the sources of physical strain; how to reduce physical pain and increase mobility at work; how to increase mental clarity by optimizing breathing and nutrition; how to control the stress reaction in the body by leveraging relaxation; how to improve sleep.

  • Interpersonal and communication skills: Recognizing and preparing for crucial conversations; how to build safety; how to uncover and explore assumptions hidden in interpersonal communication; how to give feedback; how to communicate assertively and say no when needed; how to effectively communicate via email and other digital means.

These areas are weaved together over the course of the 12 weeks of training, maximizing the connections between topics
and providing a host of additional resources and support in-between the sessions. The continuity of the process, and the fact that participants learn and practice together throughout a period of 3 months ensures a deep-impact experience and long lasting shifts in mindsets and habits.