INSIGHT is a leadership and workplace effectiveness program.

Built on a strong neuroscience foundation, it combines cutting edge management tools with the science and practice of mindfulness.

INSIGHT is offered in five different formats, to meet the needs of different clients.

All programs are  offered in partnership with Management Savvy, the leading firm in the design and facilitation of experiential learning for the workplace.

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One-on-one sessions, completely tailored to support you in achieving  your

ambitious objectives.


A series of stand-alone, experiential workshops focusing on key areas of workplace effectiveness.

Strategic Levers

An in-depth 12-week program to embed mindfulness into the everyday life of the modern workplace.


A series of co-development sessions to support a team in
tackling specific challenges or bringing forward strategic initiatives.


A restorative and energizing breather in the middle of your day at work, nourishing the body and the mind, to  reconnect with
a sense of vitality and enthusiasm.

Conscious Breaks