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individual coaching

Whatever is the opportunity or the challenge you are facing today, you have tremendous resources to meet and conquer it. We are going to bring these resources out and make them sing.


We'll rely on your focus and your talents. We'll call upon your passions as well as your ability to hold yourself accountable. We'll leverage your curiosity, your intensity and your ability to remain equanimous about the outcomes. 

You will have your mind, heart and body playing together, rather than against each other. You will master intensity as much as letting go, and muster grit as much as grace. 

We will begin by listening deeply to your story and your desires. We will take a panoramic view at how your current goals fit in the broader context of your life, allowing a strong sense of alignment to ripen. We will spend time clarifying what exactly is that you want, and what is that achieving that will bring to your life. We will craft a concrete plan of action. And from there, the play begins: sometimes exhilarating, sometimes rough, as you shift the old patterns and bring your goals to life in your everyday.


Throughout the weeks of our work together, I will be there to ask you the right questions, hold the space to explore your discoveries, hold you accountable, challenge the beliefs that may hold you back, celebrate your successes and provide you with a slew a tools to support your mind, heart and body through this process of discovery.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Performing under pressure

  • Effective emotion coping

  • Stress reduction

  • Improve prioritization

  • Overcoming procrastination

  • Time management

  • Career choices

  • Complex problem solving

  • Energy management

  • Leadership

  • Team dynamics

  • Team self-management

  • Participatory decision making

  • Effective communication

  • Setting effective boundaries

  • Saying no

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