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The one factor that changes everything

Every gathering of people holds an amazing potential: creativity, insights and connections can be unleashed to the point that participants’ perspectives can be changed forever. 

We create the conditions for a conference or a strategic meeting to attain its highest potential. We achieve this by elevating the one factor that is most commonly overlooked: the participants’ level of presence.

What is Presence?


Presence can be defined as a state of heightened awareness, in the moment, characterized by a felt experience of focus, timelessness, connectedness and a larger truth.

  • Are people truly there, rather than distracted, multitasking and disconnected?

  • Are people connecting with a deep sense of purpose for being there?

  • Are people showing up with their interpersonal, intra-personal and bodily-kinestetic intelligence, in addition to their rational-logical mind?

  • Are people feeling empowered in their ability to take initiatives and co-create the experience of the conference, rather than being passive participants?

Our mission is to have YES be the answer to these questions.

By punctuating your event with a set of coherent and concise mindfulness practices, we help people connect with a well of curiosity, attentiveness and lively interactivity. By elevating participants’ level of presence, we help create the conditions for your gathering to become a life-changing event.

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